Open Source Solutions

The Tolven Open Source Project Supports:

  • A Healthcare Informatics Platform that enables all healthcare data to be stored and accessed, using industry-standard technologies and data models.
  • An electronic Clinician Health Record (eCHRTM) that enables healthcare providers to securely access healthcare information collated from any number of trusted sources relating to an individual patient in a structured and easily accessible way.
  • An electronic Personal Health Record (ePHRTM) that enables consumers to record and selectively share healthcare information about themselves and their loved ones in a secure manner.
  • A Health Analytics solution that enables all data stored in the Tolven Platform to be extracted or analyzed for statistical purposes.

Support & Consulting

Tolven offers a number of training packages and access to an ongoing Webinar series to enable you to make the most of the Tolven Platform and application framework. For ongoing support and maintenance, we offer four levels of technical support to enable you to select what's right for your organization.


In Production

The Tolven Platform is rapidly becoming the most widely adopted open source solution for healthcare information technology globally. Tolven clients in Europe, North America, and Asia are leveraging the breadth of solutions the Tolven technology can support to serve their needs.

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The Tolven Platform

The Tolven Platform takes advantage of a broad, flexible, and open source architecture that gives healthcare and life sciences professionals as well as patients the information they need in an open and extensible solution. The Tolven Platform and applications have global applicability.

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