Tolven Platform

Tolven develops innovative health informatics and service delivery solutions with global applicability. Tolven leverages the affordable nature and quality of open source software development to provide high quality, low cost and secure electronic health record solutions for consumers and clinicians. The open standards and open source business model that Tolven has adopted facilitate rapid collaboration with other developers working in the healthcare and life science markets.

Tolven’s enterprise software enables healthcare information to be captured and securely stored. Tolven’s architecture facilitates secure exchange of both identified and de-identified clinical information among all relevant stakeholders (patients, clinicians, providers, insurers, pharmacies and researchers). The Tolven data repository is organized so that clinical decision support and analytical activities such as quality assurance reporting, epidemiology and clinical research can occur with minimal effort. The Tolven team believes that developing and managing open source software is good for the healthcare community; it is also the basis of a sustainable commercial entity. The open source approach dramatically reduces the cost of acquiring healthcare information and technology, which is one of the primary barriers to its adoption.

The Tolven Electronic Health Record Platform and application development environment are designed to be rapidly configured and/or customized to meet the needs of an individual clinician, care provider or enterprise. The adaptive nature of the Tolven Platform has proven to be essential for gaining acceptance in areas where information and technology has traditionally been inflexible, expensive to customize and cumbersome.

The Tolven Platform and applications are licensed as open source (L-GPL) and incorporate those information model and vocabulary standards that have demonstrated durability in healthcare information technology. In addition, a number of the technical components used by Tolven are ones that have become available through the efforts of the open source community and are widely deployed in commercial and government organizations today. The very nature of the open source movement enhances ease of technology transfer and adoption. (An overview of the open source components utilized by Tolven is available at

The Tolven Platform and applications incorporate workflow, rules and terminology management, thereby supporting a complete solution for the purpose of secure healthcare data storage and the semantic re-use of data, irrespective of the source of the data. The Tolven Platform supports secure health information exchange (HIE) and patient consent functionality that are compliant with existing and evolving standards for security and privacy.

The Tolven Platform is able to affordably scale to support large regional or national programs, providing the rapid response times that are demanded by consumers and clinicians alike. The Platform is able to support a hosted service for the deployment of applications. Tolven applications are completely Web-based, with no components required to be deployed to the local device; an end user requires nothing more than a browser on a modern desktop/laptop or a Web-enabled device such as a mobile phone or PDA to access the applications remotely. The Tolven architecture includes a unique system of account organization that has been shown to support HIE in both federated and consolidated models.