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Open Source Solutions

Tolven is focused on delivering the following products:

An electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR) that will enable consumers to record and selectively share healthcare information about themselves and their loved ones in a secure manner.

An electronic Clinician Health Record (eCHR) that enables healthcare providers to securely access healthcare information collated from any number of trusted sources relating to an individual patient in a structured and easily accessible way.

A Healthcare Informatics Platform that enables all healthcare data to be stored and accessed via the ePHR and eCHR solutions. The platform is based on industry standard technologies and data models.

A Health Analytics solution that enables all data stored in the Tolven Platform to be extracted or analyzed for statistical purposes.


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Share your opinions with President Obama!  Follow the following link to access an open letter to President Obama asking him to make consideration of Open Source standard government policy. If you are so inclined, add your name to the list of supporters. Imagine how Open Source could grow with the weight of the U.S. government behind it!


Rely on the Tolven support team to help resolve problems during any stage of your application development lifecycle, deployment or implementation.