UML Models

Interaction Diagrams

These diagrams illustrate selected behaviors in Tolven.

AutoUpload – During Wizard (data entry) activity, form content on the browser is automatlically saved in the database (wither user action).

Submit – When the user submits a Wizard

Process – This is actually where submitted data is processed (also how messages from external systems is processed).

AutoRefresh – The Web UI is selectively updated when changes occur to the database (without user action).

AutoLogout – After a period of inactivity, the application screen blanks and eventually invalidates the session with the server.

Activity Diagrams

These diagrams put Actors behavior into swim lanes while showing the information involved at each point.

Work In Process – WIP related to Wizard (data) entry

Class Diagrams of Tolven Entities

Each diagram contains an essential subset of the entity classes in that area. For example, the HL7 datatypes and HL7 structural code enumeration classes are omitted to avoid clutter.

Entities used by the data generator are excluded as is anthing to do with the LDAP schema or JMS schema. No session beans or any UI classes are included.

(Entity beans describe the data while Session beans describe what can be done with the data).

These Entities are directly translated by the application container into relational tables.

  • app – Application metadata for menu structures, lists and page templates
  • core – Core Tolven-specific entities
  • ctom – NCI’s Clinical Trial Object Model
  • umls – Unified Medical Language System
  • doc – Tolven’s document structure

Class diagrams of XML entities

These entities are serialized (marshalled) as XML and stored in document entities

  • admin – Administrative detail
  • ccr – ASTM’s Continuity of Care Record
  • rim – HL7′s Reference Information Model and data types


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In Production

The Tolven Platform is rapidly becoming the most widely adopted open source solution for healthcare information technology globally. Tolven clients in Europe, North America, and Asia are leveraging the breadth of solutions the Tolven technology can support to serve their needs.

The Tolven Platform

The Tolven Platform takes advantage of a broad, flexible, and open source architecture that gives healthcare and life sciences professionals as well as patients the information they need in an open and extensible solution. The Tolven Platform and applications have global applicability.

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